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Begin with the end in mind.

Over the last ten years, our 21-step process has helped over 600 business owners maximise the value of their business and achieve a successful exit.


Succession Planning Intensive Livestream 2022

This summer, a full-day live-streamed event in Sydney (4 Feb), specifically designed to provide attendees with the tools, tips, and skillset to bounce back from COVID and plan for the next phase.

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Employee Share Ownership Plans

Increase productivity and maximise employee retention: an innovative way to gain productivity and retention benefits is to invite employees to invest in your business through a share plan.

Our Succession Planning Services are about getting three things right at the same time – the business, the owners and the finances – business and family – to ensure the best possible exit outcomes for all stakeholders.

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We ensure a business is ready for a handover (sale, growth or succession) - risk managed, assets protected, policy and procedures in place, corporate governance is well managed and documented, the management team is locked in & well incentivised and sales & marketing is an automated machine to drive growth.

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We ensure that the finances are all sorted - personal debt is paid off, assets are protected, the business is not reliant on owners’ personal assets to secure funding, the business has a sustainable profit model and reporting framework.

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We work with the business owners so they well prepared for the next step - retirement, the next business, transitioning to family ownership and a board role.

If you are looking to build your business and exit, maximising value and ensuring the business continues successfully, then this 21-step guide should be your bible. It is a simple and practical process to work through to ensure you are able to “begin with the end in mind”. Follow the steps outlined by exit planning Guru, Craig West, and you are far more likely to exit successfully.

Mark Bouris AM
Entrepreneur, Innovator, Author, and Academic

If you want to build a business you can sell for maximum value, Craig West is the best in the field. Whether it's through his books, courses or advisory programs, if you can get in front of him, do it.

Jack Delosa
Executive Director - The Entourage and MBE Education

I am happy to recommend Succession Plus as a company that recognises the value in business potential and is prepared to shoot for it.

Rodney Hyman

Have seen & recommend Succession Plus’s Employee engagement seminar.

Michael Pascoe
Financial Journalist - Sydney Morning Herald