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Founded by CPA Craig West, Succession Plus offers specialist strategic advisory services to SME owners through every stage of business. So far, our Five-Stage Exit Strategy has helped 700+ business owners maximise the value of their business and achieve a successful exit.

We’ve also played a critical role in countless business sales and M&As, acting as an adviser to buy-side and sell-side clients.

Supporting our B2B advisory services is a growing suite of digital tools to support accountants, advisers and consultants in levelling up their own business.


Professional women staff on Succession Plus

Areas we specialise in:

SME Business Valuations

Business Exit Planning

Minimising CGT at Business Sale

Employee Share Ownership Plans

Mid-market M&As

Strategic SME Growth Advisory

Business Succession Planning

Business Risk Management

Our People

Craig West

Craig West

Executive Chairman

Darryl Bates-Brownsword

Darryl Bates-Brownsword


Donald Poole

Donald Poole


Ivy Garcia

Ivy Garcia

Administration Manager

Philip Volk

Philip Volk

Partner - Victoria

Llew Eynon

Llew Eynon

Partner - Western Australia

Accredited Adviser Network

Trusted advice to make the most of everything you’ve built.

Succession Plus was created to empower business owners in making their biggest professional decision since starting their enterprise: stepping away from it. We believe that diligent guidance in the lead up to a business sale or handover means better outcomes for everyone involved.

While succession advice was traditionally sought from lawyers, non-specialist consultants and business brokers, we came to market to offer a streamlined, process-driven approach to business succession or sale.

From our business growth came the creation and refinement of our Five-Stage Strategy for Business Succession. Owners and stakeholders can follow a proven pathway with tailored advice at each step, to maximise the value and ongoing financial security of the business.

What we do is help you get the most from your years of hard work. We’ll shine a light on what’s worth your time, energy, and attention, so you can make decisions based on what’s most important.

Craig West, CEO & Founder Succession Plus

What would you like to know?

  • What is Business Succession and Exit Planning?

    • Combining the business, financial and personal goals of business owners to design and implement a strategic exit.

  • What is Family business succession?

    • Family succession is slightly more complicated as many family members may also be employees and shareholders – thus wearing multiple “hats”.

  • How long does a good succession plan take?

    • Good planning takes years and you really cannot start too early “ Begin with the end in mind”

  • How do I know what my business is worth?

    • The only way to properly establish the value of your business is to get a proper valuation.

  • What are the key factors that add to (or detract from) value?

    • There are many factors that influence value – size, risk, scale, location, customers, marketing and people