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In the past, succession planning may have been the messy offering that you’d refer to a specialist colleague. With Succession Plus’ 21 Step Business Succession & Exit Planning Program, we’ve removed the complexity to make this a highly profitable offering to provide in-house, and a superb value-add for clients.

Backed by a decade of development and testing, we’ve created a step-by-step template which simplifies the entire process, including how to charge for succession planning.

Accredited Advisers help clients identify, protect, maximise and extract the value from their business. With Baby Boomers heading toward retirement age, an estimated $10-trillion will change hands in the next decade. We’re searching for accountants, financial planners and business coaches who are ready to become Accredited Advisors, to assist clients with exit planning.

Success in succession

Founded in 2007 by Craig West, Succession Plus is the largest business succession and exit planning consultancy in Australia, with equity partners in each state. Our mission is to assist mid-market business owners maximise value in their business and achieve a successful exit.

Benefits of becoming an Accredited Adviser


Online access to the 21-Step Business Succession & Exit Planning tools, templates, checklists, delivery guidelines, e-books, case studies and articles. Everything you need.

Revenue Stream

Access to a turnkey exit planning revenue stream for your practice, using existing clients, as well as attracting new clients in need of assistance with succession planning.


Training via online webinars, as well as direct support and coaching provided by a Succession Plus state partner. Plus access to marketing support, including social media.

Why the 21-Step Program works

An appropriate exit strategy or succession plan maps out and considers every aspect of a business. Considering these factors allows you to design the best approach to maximise the business’ value and achieve a successful exit.

Our proprietary 21-Step process allows you to look strategically at your client’s business and the marketplace in which it operates. The process also helps you to understand a client’s professional and personal goals to ensure your plan aligns with their objectives.

Using the 21-Step Program allows you to easily plan, in detail, everything from staged payments, to superannuation contributions and Capital Gains Tax concessions.


Who are we looking for?

We are welcoming expressions of interest from professionals with clients who have succession and exit planning requirements. These may include but are not limited to:
  • Financial Planners
  • Business Coaches
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers

With leaner margins and technology such as Xero changing the traditional accounting business, you need to be ready to demonstrate real value and diversity of service to clients.

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