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Older and wiser- one would hope so! Years of business experience enables me to assist most family and SME businesses as they navigate their future options in succession. I thrive on challenges.

I always work towards the best possible and most practical, longer-term solutions for family and SME businesses. Over time, this approach has been rewarding and satisfying for all whether it be in the sale of a business or simply maximising value.

For years, I’ve had the privilege of serving as the CEO of Adelaide and South Australia’s most renowned business sales consultancy. Through this journey, I’ve gathered a wealth of experience that I’m excited to bring to my role as a dedicated business adviser.

Week after week, I engage in countless discussions with business owners, delving into the intricate aspects of their businesses – their value, worth, saleability, and readiness for a potential sale. Being a trusted adviser, I work closely with families and corporate entities as they navigate the challenges of generational shifts and changes.

My years of dedication have afforded me a profound understanding of various sectors. The seniority I’ve gained has enriched my perspective, allowing me to provide invaluable insights and guidance across a wide range of industries. It’s a journey I’m grateful for, and I look forward to continuing to assist and empower businesses on their paths to success.

Professional Experience

From corporate life and directorships, through the establishment of my own family business, to consulting, business sale and transitions, the experience to successfully advise, has accumulated.

Skills and Expertise

Negotiation skills, coupled with my unwavering determination and tenacity, have proven to be crucial elements in my journey towards success.