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Most business owners would agree that their greatest asset is their staff. What would it mean to your business if your employees were as committed to achieving success as you are?

Build It gives you an overview of the key issues involved in implementing an Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) within your company and how an ESOP can get your staff thinking less like employees and more like business owners. The book also provides a more technical explanation for accountants, financial planners and business owners on how ESOPs work, and provides the academic research behind how and why ESOPs exist and the use of ESOPs as a viable business succession and exit planning tool.

eBook Build It entitled ESOP

It’s time to develop the ‘Ownership Mindset’ in your staff. An Employee Share Ownership Plan is an amazing tool for motivating employees, boosting productivity, and helping retain high calibre talent.

How it works

Step 1

Organise a meeting with one of our advisers to answer your questions and set your goals.

Step 2

Our adviser will work with you to create the employee share plan and provide guidance on the legal, tax and financial implications of the ESOP.

Step 3

Launch your ESOP with maximum employee buy-in and enjoy the rewards of having highly engaged employees.

Benefits of ESOPs


An ESOP offers tangible financial incentives with minimal outlay. Our experience and proven systems take the admin headache out of setting up all the legal and financial matters.


ESOPs help develop an 'Ownership Mindset' culture with engaged employees so that they are invested in the business' success and start to think and act like business owners.


Employee Share Ownership Plans are a transparent and easy to implement mechanism that provides clear rules and guidelines to help with employee incentives and business succession.


ESOPs create a WIN-WIN outcome. Employees benefit by owning a direct stake in the business while the employer benefits from improved employee performance.

Get exit ready.

Earn Qantas Points for your business

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People are now saying ‘us’ instead of ‘me’ and asking, ‘what do you want us to do?’ Job security is a key motivator at C-MAC and we do not want to lose employees with skills. There are now charts in the lunch room so everyone can see how the business is doing. The change has been truly unbelievable for all staff.

Steve Grylak
C-MAC Industries (Aust.)