Get your comprehensive 65-page business valuation report.

With Succession Plus, knowing the true value of your business is easy and an excellent investment. Valuation is a necessity efore any decision around strategic planning, whether you’re selling, launching an IPO, seeking a business loan, considering an ESOP, and in legal cases related to estate planning.

Benefits of our
valuation report
  • Independent review
  • Xero Integration
  • Easy To Use Tool

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1 What’s needed for business valuation
2 How to identify gaps and risks in operations
3 How to set up asset protection policies
4 Considering business structure changes
5 Measuring brand equity and IP value

Benefits for you…

Independent review

Our platform is capable of generating valuation reports with more precision, and when coupled with a formal review by one of our experts, can be used for a wider breadth of valuation purposes such as partnership changes and dispute.

Improve your business…

Easy To Use Tool

Obtain the information you need quickly and simply through a process that makes sense and collects all the required information holistically. Your business valuation will also provide recommendations and a project plan to improve business value over time.

Get your comprehensive 65-page
business valuation report.

Get your comprehensive 65-page business valuation report.

1. Book your free 30-minute appointment to discuss documentation and personnel access.

2. We assess your industry risk, economic risk and risks related directly to your business.

3. “Reverse due diligence” is a thorough analysis of your business from a buyer’s perspective over 4-6 weeks.

4. We provide you with a comprehensive 65-page Business Insights Report.

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Why Choose Succession Plus?

An Accredited Adviser by your side through every step

Succession Plus specialises in providing proactive, focused and strategic advice for small to medium business owners in Australia. Using unique IP and processes allows Accredited Advisers to manage strategic business succession and share plan arrangements.

Australia’s largest exit advisory service

Succession Plus Accredited Advisers take a holistic view of your business in order to understand where improvements can be made in the short and long-term. It’s all to help maximise the value and increase the likelihood of achieving your outcomes.

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