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Your business - Sale or Succession?

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sp_uk_boutique_business 3 min read

May 26, 2019 | Blog

Boutique Businesses – What Are They?

Boutique businesses focus on premium and exclusive services or products that are quite the opposite of volume and scaling. They are often focused on excellence...
Strategy-Takes-Time (4) 7 min read

May 19, 2019 | Blog

Now Is A Good Time to Plan Your Business Succession Strategy

As any financial planner will tell you, the average amount needed to fund retirement in the UK is at least £500,000. We are living longer...
Succession_unsplash 4 min read

May 12, 2019 | Blog

What is Succession Planning?

Most people go into business not only to earn an annual income but, more importantly, to ultimately extract the wealth created with a lump sum...
4-big-succession-issues-blog 3 min read

May 1, 2019 | Blog

Is Your Business Your Pension?

The baby boomer generation started to reach their 65th birthdays in 2011, and nearly 11,000 Brits per week turned 65 in 2018. A further 2.5...
21Steps 4 min read

Apr 29, 2019 | Asset Protection

21 Steps to Succession

For Business owners an exit is a big important life event, yet most do no succession planning at all.  Barely a week goes by when...
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Apr 28, 2019 | Blog

Funding Acquisitions for SMEs

If you are looking for a step change in the growth of your company, then considering the acquisition of another company might be an elegant...
Business-Valuations-Blog (1) 2 min read

Apr 21, 2019 | Blog

How Much is Your Business Worth?

Thinking of selling a business? Do you know how much it is worth? For many business owners, how to value a business remains a mystery,...
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Apr 14, 2019 | Blog

Keeping Your Business Safe

With globalisation and increased utilisation of technologies new and old, uncertainty in markets across the world are increasingly affecting local businesses – no one is...
succession plus notebook 3 min read

Feb 21, 2018 | Blog

A successful exit in 21 steps

Understanding, co-ordinating and preparing the three key factors of Business Succession and Exit Planning is critical to developing a successful plan. These key factors are...
Small-Business-CGT-Concessions-Overview 11 min read

Jun 4, 2017 | Latest

Small Business CGT Concessions Overview

Small Business CGT Concessions For many small business owners, the major source of retirement funding is the sale of their business or assets owned by...