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Chris Cole, 40 Fathoms, discusses Business Exits & MBOs


Chris Cole, 40 Fathoms, discusses Business Exits & MBOs

By , April 20, 2021
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Chris Cole is one of the Founders of value led investment company 40 Fathoms. Taking their real world expertise, they invest their own capital in start-ups and small, scalable businesses at early stage profitability, with the goal of achieving significant growth. Chris and his co-founders apply teamwork, trust and experience to risky businesses with talent and drive to outperform in their market sector. These attributes are what can be credited for their successes and significant scale-ups. By identifying established, scalable and profitable enterprises that already have a proven track record but need the additional investment to see significant growth, 40  Fathoms use their capital to release the full potential of these businesses.

Before 40 Fathoms, Chris and Co-Founder Jonathan Elliot were investors in growth transformation company Bionic. In this role, as he grew and built Bionic he earned awards such as Ernst & Young’s Master of Entrepreneurship 2016 and The Sunday Times Best Company. Chris prides himself on his goal-oriented and results-focussed nature, and to him, this is what building a business is all about – being part of a hardworking, trusting team who understands the importance of unified culture and common goals.

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