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Have your say: business succession and exit planning

First 5000 | May 12, 2022

The biggest wealth transfer in history is well underway, with baby Boomers exiting businesses every day – but we are only halfway thru the wave – there is a lot more to come.

Good advisers are finding they need to provide more than just transactional advice and services as Business Succession and Exit Planning is a long-term process. Owners need help to understand what their business is worth, what their exit options are, how to prepare for sale or exit and what they need to do to make sure the business, the owners and the finances are ready to go when the time is right .

Craig West Lets You Decide the Fate of Your Business

Tourism Conversations | Mar 29, 2022

Craig West's Business Succession Plus knows that business owners often have different motivations than just cash.  In this presentation to an investment audience, Craig explains the complex business of turning businesses with informal values into tradeable assets.

How to write a business plan in Australia

Business Rewards

What does business success mean to you?

For some it will be a simple matter of making a good living doing what they love, while the more entrepreneurial might hope to build an empire from a business idea. No matter the aim, and no matter the stage of the journey you’re at, the way to get there remains the same.


Succession Plus to unify Australasian and UK divisions; new CEO announced

Independent Financial Adviser | Mar 17, 2022

Succession Plus will unify its UK and Australasian divisions transforming it into a global business with former UK CEO Darryl Bates-Brownsword to lead.

With over 30 years’ experience in business coaching, business strategy and succession planning, Mr Bates-Brownsword welcomed the opportunity to work across both markets.

fund your retirement

How to Buy an Established Business and Plan for a Successful Exit with Craig West

Fund Your Retirement | Mar 9, 2022

Craig West breaks down how to buy an established business, how to value a business, and how to plan for a successful business exit.

Craig West is the CEO and founder of Succession Plus who provides focused and strategic advice for SME business owners in business succession and exit planning. Craig is a successful entrepreneur who has helped over 600 business owners maximise the value of their business and achieve a successful exit.

i2C introduces revolutionary ownership plan

Architecture Design | Mar 3, 2022

i2C Architects has launched its Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP), an innovative ownership model that will nurture company culture and help to retain studio talent.

Through the implementation of the ESOP, i2C employees will earn ownership through their performance. Eight Senior Associates are expected to earn shares of i2C by the end of the year, providing the practice achieves its profit targets.

i2C Architects innovates to retain talent

Australian Property Journal | Mar 3, 2022

ARCHITECTURE and design firm i2C Architects are launching an Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP), that will see employee performance translated into share ownership.

The ESOP will see performance earning ownership through performance, in an effort by i2C  to retain and attract talent and shape its company culture.

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The government’s changes to employee share schemes have stalled. Is it all bluff and bluster?

SmartCompany | Feb 25, 2022

In the prevailing tight labour market where non-cash remuneration is a key tool employers can use to attract, retain and motivate key employees, the stalling of the federal government’s Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) draft legislation, could not come at a worse time.

While SMEs are scrambling to recover from the pandemic, startups are also now hampered in the ability to implement an ESOP to reduce the burden of cash, and lower the barrier of attractive and retaining quality staff.

Either way, recovery and innovation in Australia are

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Understanding succession planning vital for accountants

Accountants Daily | Feb 21, 2022

With an ever-increasing number of Australia’s business owners nearing retirement age, it is vital that accountants add succession planning to their professional repertoires.

At the current rate, there are over 5,000 people turning 65 per week in Australia, with this number projected to increase over the next seven years. For these individuals, successful succession planning is at the forefront of their minds, as they aim to retire knowing their employees are cared for, their business can continue without them, ensuring suppliers, customers and family members in the business are looked after.



Capitaliz builds strong international market traction on back of significant demographic trends

Adviser Voice | Feb 10, 2022

Australasia’s largest succession and exit planning advisory firm, Succession Plus is building its international presence with Capitaliz, a digital tool designed to service the baby-boomer generation seeking to unlock value in their businesses prior to retirement.

Capitaliz was launched in September 2021 following a 2020 capital raise by Succession Plus. The launch of Capitaliz converted the 21-step business succession and exit planning process and Business Insights Report, into a real time online platform for unlisted mid-market businesses.

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Thinking of selling your business? Know your exit goal first

SmartCompany | Feb 4, 2022

The New Year is a time of reflection, re-evaluation and resetting, both in our personal lives and at work. If you own a business, it’s often a time for reviewing the strategy that saw you through the last 12 months and making changes for the year ahead. And after the torrid couple of years we’ve all just experienced, some business owners may be asking themselves whether now is the right time to sell.

Clients stick to adviser because of trust, not firm’s brand

Independent Financial Adviser | Jan 5, 2022

Advice firms are being called on to put more stock into their advisers.

In a recent opinion piece published on ifa, Craig West – chief executive and founder of boutique consulting and advisory firm Succession Plus – highlighted a number of strategies for finding and retaining advisers.

“Financial advisers are in a ‘people business’ – clients trust their adviser and that’s why they stay, not because of the firm’s brand,” Mr West wrote.