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Employee ownership: Pros and cons of selling your company to your staff

St James's Place | May 31, 2023

Nobody knows your business and its culture better than your employees. So, is selling it to them an effective way to exit your business?

A growing number of business directors are making the decision to pass a controlling stake in their company to their employees.

Employee-owned businesses enjoy various tax advantages and often experience higher productivity and greater economic resilience.

Employee ownership can be a complex and time-consuming option, however, so it’s important to take expert advice and ensure it fits with your long-term financial goals.

Succession planning is often overlooked. What can HR do to ensure a smooth transition at the top?

Human Resource Director | Sep 9, 2022

Giving up power is hard: just ask Donald Trump or Boris Johnson. But what can HR do to encourage a CEO it's time to make way?

Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are just two recent examples of bosses who have been reluctant – to say the least - to give up the top job, having to be practically dragged out by their ankles to make way for fresh blood.


Growing interest in employee share schemes

Professional Planner | Aug 26, 2022

Employee share schemes (ESSs) have become an important tool to recruit and retain talent, but there are complexities to the system potentially holding back wider spread use.

Early last year, national accounting, business and financial advice dmca introduced an ESS in an attempt to retain key staff members in the business in case directors retire or leave.

It’s lonely at the top: Managing succession planning without the drama

Human Resource Director | Aug 18, 2022

How can an HR director and other C-suite executives tackle the problem?

Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are just two recent examples of bosses who refuse to leave the top job, having to be practically dragged out by their ankles to make way for fresh blood. A reluctance to let go is the issue most often encountered in business succession, says Craig West, founder and CEO of Succession Plus.


Money Management

Understanding the role of private business in a plan

Money Management | Aug 5, 2022

There is an untapped role for financial advisers to help business owners sell their business and understand how that can fit into their retirement plans, according to Succession Plus.

Speaking to Money Management, Craig West, founder of Succession Plus, said the way that owners were looking to exit a business had changed from focusing on money to one focused on legacy.

Accountants Daily Logo

Turn your firm into a hybrid vehicle

Accountants Daily | Aug 5, 2022

As technology takes over core accounting tasks, it makes sense to diversify into strategic business advice.

It’s a tough time to be an accountant. Client demand is up, but what good is that if you don’t have enough staff to service it? Not to worry. We’ll all soon be out of a job anyway thanks to AI. That is, unless we start thinking more strategically about our true value as accountants.

It’s not compliance, and it’s not tax returns


Business Franchise Australia and New Zealand for Succession Plus

Succession Plus turns to IDA to perform due diligence on their own business, as well as their clients’.

Business Franchise Australia and New Zealand | Jul 25, 2022

Succession Plus specialises in providing proactive, focused and strategic advice for small to medium business owners to prepare their businesses for an exit strategy. Their Accredited Advisers understand where to make short and long-term improvements in order to help maximise a business’s succession plan and sale outcomes.


First 5000 media for Succession Plus

Have your say: business succession and exit planning

First 5000 | May 12, 2022

The biggest wealth transfer in history is well underway, with baby Boomers exiting businesses every day – but we are only halfway thru the wave – there is a lot more to come.

Good advisers are finding they need to provide more than just transactional advice and services as Business Succession and Exit Planning is a long-term process. Owners need help to understand what their business is worth, what their exit options are, how to prepare for sale or exit and what they need to do to make sure the business, the owners and the finances are ready to go when the time is right .

Succession Plus featured in The Tourism News Podcast

Craig West Lets You Decide the Fate of Your Business

Tourism Conversations | Mar 29, 2022

Craig West's Business Succession Plus knows that business owners often have different motivations than just cash.  In this presentation to an investment audience, Craig explains the complex business of turning businesses with informal values into tradeable assets.

How to write a business plan in Australia

Business Rewards

What does business success mean to you?

For some it will be a simple matter of making a good living doing what they love, while the more entrepreneurial might hope to build an empire from a business idea. No matter the aim, and no matter the stage of the journey you’re at, the way to get there remains the same.


Succession Plus Independent Financial Advisers

Succession Plus to unify Australasian and UK divisions; new CEO announced

Independent Financial Adviser | Mar 17, 2022

Succession Plus will unify its UK and Australasian divisions transforming it into a global business with former UK CEO Darryl Bates-Brownsword to lead.

With over 30 years’ experience in business coaching, business strategy and succession planning, Mr Bates-Brownsword welcomed the opportunity to work across both markets.

fund your retirement

How to Buy an Established Business and Plan for a Successful Exit with Craig West

Fund Your Retirement | Mar 9, 2022

Craig West breaks down how to buy an established business, how to value a business, and how to plan for a successful business exit.

Craig West is the CEO and founder of Succession Plus who provides focused and strategic advice for SME business owners in business succession and exit planning. Craig is a successful entrepreneur who has helped over 600 business owners maximise the value of their business and achieve a successful exit.