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Tips on Exit Planning and How to Get Businesses to Start with the End in Mind

Aspect Legal

Believe it or not, it pays to think about your exit strategy early in the business cycle. Listen in and learn all about the most common mistakes owners make in this area from author and strategic accountant Craig West, the CEO and Founder of Succession Plus.

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How do I attract, retain and motivate key employees?

Families & Business

In the sixth issue of Families and Business Magazine, Craig West shares why employees leave and why attracting, retaining and motivating staff has now become an important issue for business owners.

Craig West on Business Brain Food | Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Business

Business Brain Food

Focusing on an exit plan is vital to ensure that your business enhances your life in the way that you want it to, and at the same time will make your day-to-day business more effective. Craig West talks about exit planning and how vital it is for every organisation to take this step to ensure they extract maximum business value.

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Succession Advisory Breaks Into US Market

Accountants Daily

Succession Plus, an advisory firm specialising in business succession and exit planning for Australian SMEs, is expanding its operations into the US.

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How to merge business and family successfully

Vodafone | Red Wire

While there are certain issues particular to family businesses, the lessons they can learn are universal: face disruptive market forces head on; have a plan for the worst case scenario, and learn to recognise the motivations driving decision making in the business.

Money Management

Succession Plus appoints NowInfinity founder

Money Management | Sep 24, 2020

Succession Plus has announced the appointment of Amreeta Abbott as a shareholder and board member, following the sale of her NowInfinity business for $25 million to Class.

Abbott and her colleague Vitalii Symon, former chief technology officer, both departed the cloud solutions provider to “pursue other projects” following the integration of the business into Class, which was first announced in January.

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Before a business sale, decisions matter by the millions

ANZ Private | Jun 21, 2019

Think selling a home is stressful? Try selling a business.

Gradually relinquishing control is one of the hardest things a business owner will go through. It is a complex, often emotional path to set up a business to survive without its owner – but it makes a business more valuable and ultimately strengthens the owner’s legacy.

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The Strategy of Succession Planning with Craig West

Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo | Jun 12, 2019

In this episode of Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo, Craig West talks about the challenges in family business transition and the three key things family business owners should focus on to achieve a good outcome.

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Australian Succession Planning Company Celebrating Their Tenth Anniversary

Yahoo Finance | Jun 10, 2019

Succession Plus, one of Australia’s most forward-thinking and innovative companies is proud to announce that they have recently celebrated ten years in business. The company is actively working on expansion plans, into the United Kingdom.

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How to move on from your business with real purpose

ANZ Private | May 30, 2019

When a business owner’s identity is fused with their business, it makes it harder to successfully leave and embrace their new life. So their identity gets defined by their role in ways that only people in positions of power and prominence understand.

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Early talk is the best start to family business succession

ANZ Private | May 30, 2019

Talking about family aspirations may be daunting, but avoiding succession planning puts business, and family harmony, at risk. At the back of many business-owners’ minds are unresolved questions such as “Is the next generation prepared to take on my family business?” and “Have I had the necessary discussions to prepare for a successful transition?”. Succession Plus CEO Craig West, who helps businesses navigate this difficult journey, outlines factors that make family succession planning particularly complex.

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Succession Planning Focus at Orman Solicitors

The Daily Advertiser | Nov 25, 2017

Planning for the future when it comes to business, farming and your estate is one of the most important plans to be made and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Succession planning will ensure the future of a business owner’s or farmer’s greatest asset. Wagga solicitor Maggie Orman is passionate about helping farmers and business owners implement a plan to ensure future success.