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G’day, Llew here. I have been running my own practice since 1999, so I know how important it is to have someone on your side who you can trust in business. Often people talk about relationships in business, but for me business requires genuine friendship, because you need to know you can trust the person you are working with.

I started my accounting career in 1991 and eight years later started my own practice in 1999. Throughout these 32 years, my passion has been engineering innovative solutions to assist clients in achieving their business goals.

My key accomplishment is the growth of my accounting practice, LG Accounting Solutions, over the past 24 years, which naturally required us to work with our clients in a consulting capacity. This has been my passion as there is nothing more satisfying to me in business than using my business expertise to get a real, tangible outcome for my clients.

Seeing clients go from small businesses to growing to a size they only could imagine when they started has been extremely rewarding for me.

Professional Experience

I have been an accountant for 32 years and I have been the managing director and founder of LG  Accounting Solutions for 24 years.

Education and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Business at Curtin University
  • Capitaliz Academy Accredited

Skills and Expertise

  • I am an expert at the rules and implementation of ESOPs.
  • I am an expert at the implementation of Ownership Mindset culture.
  • I am extremely skilled at customising our approach for the business we are working with.
  • I am an expert at strategic advisory to increase the value of a business.
  • I am an expert at navigating complex business situations.


Office Solutions IT ESOP Implementation. Watch the video here.