Confidently navigate the entire business sale process, and what comes next.

Typically, Mergers and Acquisitions in the middle market are different to deals made on a start-up. Buyers are experienced, sophisticated and risk averse.

Preparation is key. A business needs to be properly prepared for sale with systems and documentation in place — a process that is covered in its entirety through our Five-Stage Exit Process. This step-by-step methodology has been used by over 600 businesses to move to and through the liquidity event (sale/succession) and get the best possible exit outcome.

Succession Plus approaches business sales differently from other firms. We identify the most likely buyers based on market data, plan strategically to get the right offer, and then advise on or facilitate the deal. An advisor can also discuss how to minimise your tax implications (such as CGT) following the transaction.

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Ensuring you’re legally, financially and mentally prepared for a merger or acquisition.

Our process typically takes 6-9 months and involves an upfront valuation, review and assessment of any factors which will affect the value of the business or the attractiveness to a buyer. We’ll identify risk elements that may require attention to secure a buyer at an acceptable price point.

We’ll prepare an Information Memorandum and Due Diligence package, plus conduct buyer research into the market using eight different databases and our extensive network of buyers.

This methodology allows us to exceed price and terms expectations and deliver quality, well-prepared businesses to middle market business buyers – many of whom come back again.

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