We’re long past chatting VC and inspo-posts about hustling.

We’re about building on the success when you’re at mid-market size. Leveling-up and stepping up.

The Mid Market Matters business podcast features conversations about real business development for companies that are struggling with their new success. If you have more than a dozen employees or $2million to $100million in revenue, this show is for you.

How do you stay on top of a growing, evolving business?

Now you’re employing more staff and your turnover has grown, what’s next?

Succession expert Craig West hosts conversations for leaders and managers who want to level up their team, operations, and sales. And yes, you’ll get an action item with every episode.

Fun Fact

Mid-sized businesses are responsible for creating over 30% of total revenue and a third of the total employment in the country. Impressive, especially considering that they only make up around 5% of all entities on business registers.

From building a board of directors to implementing new technology and due diligence – as the business grows the stakes raise with it. We’ll raise your skills to meet the challenge. Success is just the start. Welcome to the club.