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We have assisted many business owners over the last eight years to identify, protect, maximise and extract the value contained within their business and achieve a successful exit.

Based on our knowledge of Strategic Business Succession and Exit Planning, the most successful plans are able to accurately merge three key focus areas to provide a strategic plan to manage succession – business, financial and personal.

The first stage of this process is to get a very clear view of your current position and that is largely focused on the value of your business and is delivered through our Stage One Report.

Our Stage One Insights Report outlines the following:

  • Business structure review – including asset protection and Capital Gains Tax issues
  • Financial analysis – including trend analysis, breakeven and safety limit, cash flow and credit access
  • Detailed benchmarking and profit gap analysis
  • Non-financial analysis of key operational aspects and risks
  • Sales readiness and attractiveness
  • Detailed business valuation
  • Business value drivers and value enhancement opportunities

This report will be presented in a face to face workshop including:

  • Review of the report and initial findings/recommendations
  • Valuation model and key value drivers
  • Succession and Exit planning options
  • Proposed implementation plan

"Craig out of all the professional people we have spoken with, you were the only honest up front and practical person who gave me practical and useful advice."

Steve Grlyak