ENJOY IT – 21 Steps to a Succession and Exit Plan. Download your free copy.

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Begin with the end in mind.

Over the last ten years, our 21-step process has helped over 600 business owners maximise the value of their business and achieve a successful exit.

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Employee Share Ownership Plans

Increase productivity and maximise employee retention: an innovative way to gain productivity and retention benefits is to invite employees to invest in your business through a share plan.

Our Succession Planning Services are about getting three things right at the same time – the business, the owners and the finances – business and family – to ensure the best possible exit outcomes for all stakeholders.

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We ensure a business is ready for a handover (sale, growth or succession) - risk managed, assets protected, policy and procedures in place, corporate governance is well managed and documented, the management team is locked in & well incentivised and sales & marketing is an automated machine to drive growth.

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We ensure that the finances are all sorted - personal debt is paid off, assets are protected, the business is not reliant on owners’ personal assets to secure funding, the business has a sustainable profit model and reporting framework.

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We work with the business owners so they well prepared for the next step - retirement, the next business, transitioning to family ownership and a board role.

I am happy to recommend Succession Plus as a company that recognises the value in business potential and is prepared to shoot for it.

Rodney Hyman

Have seen & recommend Succession Plus’s Employee engagement seminar.

Michael Pascoe
Financial Journalist - Sydney Morning Herald