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ENJOY IT – 21 Steps to a Succession and Exit Plan. Download your free copy.

Enjoy It by Craig West & Peter Miller


Enjoy It by Craig West & Peter Miller

21 Steps to a Succession and Exit Plan

Enjoy It spells out a practical and proven 21-step process for a business succession and exit plan suitable for any business owner, no matter what their circumstances.

Building Equity

Most people go into business not only to earn an income but also to build equity with a view to eventually selling. Enjoy It takes business owners like you step-by-step through the process to an effective succession and exit plan.  This means you can maximise your business’ value and minimise your tax liability.

Investing the time to develop a succession and exit plan is one of the most important financial decisions a business owner may ever make. Without one, the value in your business will retire when you do.

Many business owners are looking at the exit of their business to fund their eventual retirement, that is to sell the business or pass it on to the next generation. Over 50%, unfortunately, will exit due to death, illness, divorce, dispute, financial distress, bankruptcy or other unforeseen events.

Will It Sell?

80% of all businesses that are put up for sale never get sold.  There are 4 main reasons commonly attributed to this:

  • Lack of preparation
  • Poor financial reports
  • Owner reliance
  • Unrealistic price expectations

So many business owners are in weak financial positions and looking to sell. With a lack of cashed-up buyers in the market, it’s more important than ever to plan your business exit to extract the highest possible value. You can’t just start to think about it when you turn 64 — if you don’t plan, you get a poor price. But a good succession plan is a win-win for everyone — you get the best price; the buyer gets a good business and your customers and staff are looked after.

At Succession Plus we take a holistic view to succession planning.  We look at your business and personal goals and putting processes and systems in place to help you reach the best outcome. We offer expert advice in management, business structure and culture.

If you have been working hard in your business for many years to create wealth for you and your family, this book will help you to realise the full potential of all your efforts and investment. These are the rewards you set out to achieve.