Business Exit Planning

Want to maximise business value when you exit?

Get access to the Succession Plus 21 Step Exit Plan, as well as support throughout the process. Our Accredited Advisors can help you create a bespoke succession plan (based on our proven program) to cover all your bases before selling or passing on your business.

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Benefits of our 21 step exit plan.
  • Financial Prudence
  • Minimise Risk
  • Leave a Legacy

How It Works

1 Book a consultation with a Succession Plus Accredited Advisor
2 Set goals and a realistic timeline to achieve the 21 steps
3 Meet with your advisor at regular touch points to troubleshoot issues
4 Work with our network of financial and legal advisors on required steps
5 We can help to arrange your business sale, succession or share plan

What are the 21 Steps to Succession Success?

Our experience helping hundreds of owners successfully exit, has been distilled into a 21 step process that will allow you to do the right things in the right order.

With help from an Accredited Advisor, you can feel certain that you’re exit ready when the time comes to move away from your business.

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21 Steps to Succession Success

You’ll only leave your business once.
Get it right with an Accredited Advisor.

Benefits for you…

Financial Prudence

Your 21-step plan covers how to use staged payments, superannuation contributions and Capital Gains Tax concessions so you retain as much of the proceeds as possible.

Minimise Risk

The most common reason we see for business sales falling through is unknown or unmitigated risk. In firming up your operations, systems and personnel, you’re more likely to cash out ahead.

Leave a Legacy

Don’t let your hard work go to waste. Put measures in place to ensure what you’ve built can continue to support customers and your employees for years to come.

Maximising Business Value

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Why Choose Succession Plus?

An Accredited Adviser by your side through every step

Succession Plus specialises in providing proactive, focused and strategic advice for small to medium business owners in Australia. Using unique IP and processes allows Accredited Advisers to manage strategic business succession and share plan arrangements.

Australia’s largest exit advisory service

Succession Plus Accredited Advisers take a holistic view of your business in order to understand where improvements can be made in the short and long-term. It’s all to help maximise the value and increase the likelihood of achieving your outcomes.

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