The Model

The model is based upon growth of the business, engagement of the key employees and long-term equity increase.

Our client has funding to acquire up to 50% of the equity of the business and then we will work with the remaining shareholders to implement a strategy to maximise value of the remaining 50%. The control of the business remains yours and you will benefit from receiving new business through internal referrals.

  • How much will you value my business at?

    A Business Insights Report will be completed to determine the market value for the business for the initial purchase and then work closely with the business to grow value going forward.

  • How do I get paid?

    There is a substantial external funding line to fund acquisitions and payment to purchase equity will be made thru this funding line upon settlement.

  • How does the model work to grow value?

    The model (unlike most others) is not based on shared back office and reduced costs – it is based on growth thru an active management model and comprehensive referral program to grow revenues in all spoke businesses in the group.

  • Do I have to give up control of my business?

    NO – our client is not looking to manage each spoke business – this is not part of the model – practices continue to be directly managed but can benefit from the growth focus on new business and internal referrals.

  • What type of businesses will be eligible?

    Our client is primarily focused on accounting, financial planning, finance broking  and insurance broking firms with a growth mindset.

    Click here to download the checklist to see if your business is eligible.

I am happy to recommend Succession Plus as a company that recognises the value in business potential and is prepared to shoot for it.

Rodney Hyman, RHIS

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