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Meet Philip, a seasoned owner of multiple businesses and a dedicated business coach with a wealth of experience under his belt. With a background marked by successful business ventures and a passion for guiding others, Philip brings a unique blend of practical wisdom and strategic insight to the world of succession and business performance.

Having undergone the intricate process of succession within his own enterprises, Philip understands deeply the dynamics involved in passing the torch to the next generation. Furthermore, he has walked alongside many business owners on their own succession journeys, lending his expertise to ensure a smooth transition and continued success.

Philip’s pragmatic approach to succession planning and business enhancement is a testament to his rich hands-on experience. He believes in forging meaningful partnerships with business owners, delving deep into their aspirations not only for the business but also for their personal legacies. For Philip, it’s not merely a transaction; it’s a collaboration aimed at securing a lasting legacy.

Drawing from a diverse background in both functional expertise and leadership, Philip covers all the critical pillars of business success – from crafting sound strategies and nurturing people to managing finances, IT infrastructure, and operational excellence. His consulting experience spans various industries, encompassing service and production businesses. Notably, he’s not limited by borders, having founded and overseen a thriving Sri Lankan BPO and provided valuable insights across Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia in SMEs and major corporates.

Philip’s knowledge is further fortified by his academic achievements, which include relevant qualifications in Economics, Mathematics, and MBA, an Executive Coaching course, and participation in short programs at prestigious institutions like Cambridge and Stanford Universities, as well as the Hong Kong Business School.

Looking ahead, Philip eagerly anticipates the opportunity to join forces with you. Together, he aims to unlock the true potential of your business, optimising its performance and guiding it through the journey of succession. With Philip as your partner, you’re not just securing a coach – you’re gaining a seasoned ally dedicated to your prosperity and the enduring success of your business.