Why do ESOPs work?


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An Employee Share Ownership Plan, or ESOP, is an amazing tool for motivating employees, boosting productivity, and retaining high calibre talent. Employees benefit too, with financial incentives tied to improving the business.
What does an ESOP do?
Grow Sustainability – An ESOP helps develop an “Ownership Mindset” culture with engaged employees so that they are invested in the business’ success and start to think and act like business owners.
Improve Employee Engagement – An ESOP creates a win-win-win situation. Employees benefit by owning a direct stake in the business, the employer benefits from improved employee performance, and the owner has certainty around how they’re going to exit the business.
Boost Productivity – Employee Share Ownership Plans are a transparent and easy to implement mechanism that provides clear rules and guidelines to help with employee incentives and business -succession.

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Start date: February 27, 2024

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