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We have been using Employee Assessment and Ownership Mindset for several years to support our ESOP model, and have also recently added several other tools to better support our clients implementing ESOP’s and to ensure the outcomes are even better. All can work together to enhance your employees’ understanding of the ESOP model, encourage your customers to better respond to employee behaviour and promote the employee ownership of your business, and ensure your incentive planning is fine-tuned for success. We are very pleased to be releasing an entirely new suite of support tools for our Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) service.

Discover the academic research supporting Employee Share Ownership Plans here.

Certified EO

Certified EO is building a network to bring greater recognition to Employee Ownership. Win greater brand recognition, inspire more committed and engaged employees, and create a stronger connection with your customers achieving greater devotion, all by utilising our specialised tools and resources.

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Employee Assessment & Ownership Mindset

The Employee Assessment Tools ensure the right people are in the right roles at the right time and are being rewarded the right way. In partnership with Norgay HR Consulting, your business has access to unique assessment methodology which focuses on Ownership Mindset.

The benefits of these tools are (but not limited to);

  • An increase in productivity within the business
  • Retention of hardworking key employees
  • Building an effective team and boosting the morale of the working environment

In addition, managers are able to understand the implications of their behaviours while mapping themselves and their team members against key principles of leadership. This provides practical solutions for building effective working relationships.

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Employee Assessment

ESOP Online Portal

Your Employee Share Ownership Plan now offers an automated admin service. Your employees can log in to a customised online portal to gain important information regarding their specific EPS holdings within the plans they’re involved in.

The ESOP online portal is designed to make your share plan implementation and management seamless throughout the business journey. It incorporates the full lifecycle of an Employee Equity Plan, including various types of plan reporting.

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Net Promoter Score

We provide a management tool for capturing, analysing and responding to client feedback – incorporating the Net Promoter System.

This system allows the collection and analysis of customer feedback and ratings to better match performance with incentives, built around the very popular net promoter score which supports the loyalty/satisfaction measurement and tracking of clients.

Other benefits for your business include the ability to identify service improvements in order to drive growth, gain exceptional Google reviews and testimonials, as well as compare performance against industry averages.

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ESS Statement Automation

Implementing an ESOP incurs an obligation for disclosing to the Australian Tax Office, and your best performing staff, the full extent of your employee’s Employee Share Scheme interests. Administrative penalties can apply where employers fail to provide a statement of ESS interests acquired during the income year.

Having a tax agent (registered with the Tax Practitioners Board) to organise and report on your behalf, ensures protection for you as a business owner and also allows you to focus on what is really important – your employees and the business.

Through the suite of support for your business’ Employee Share Ownership Plan, the inconvenience and stress of administration are removed from lodging returns and claims to the ATO. We act as the tax agents for the ESOP and lodge automatically annual ESS statements (a new requirement under the changes introduced in 2015) as well as tax returns for the ESOP.

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Employee Share Scheme