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Guest Information Pack


The ‘Exit Insights’ podcast is dedicated to informing business owners about what is required to get them and their businesses ready for exit and how they can balance the competing desires of maximizing value and leaving a legacy so that they can get the most from their life’s work.

We talk to business leaders who have taken their business through the succession or exit journey and share their stories, experiences and lessons learned along the way. We also talk to the experts who helped get them there and tap into their wealth of knowledge.

Here is an example of a recent podcast: (1474) Maximising Employee Ownership: A Guide to Implementing an EOT w/ Mike Maynard | Exit Insights Ep114 – YouTube

And here is our podcast channel on Spotify:

There are plenty of tips as we look for the common threads that all businesses leaders experience along the way and we share these with the listeners. I ask for tips that they would share knowing what they now know on the other side and wish they had known before they started.


We create artwork for your episode. See example image below.

Podcast thumbnail example

Exit Insights from Succession Plus with Darryl Bates-Brownsword and Roderick Cameron


We structure each show around your unique story. This will be based on your knowledge, experience, expertise and passions. Examples include exit, growth, legacy, succession, ESOP, culture, valuation, leadership, governance, due diligence, financial planning, wealth management, exit ready, risk management, systems, structures.

What are your ideas or suggestions for your interview?

6-12 possible juicy questions. We do have some set questions, but what other questions would you like me to include that will highlight and showcase your areas of expertise? Eg

  1. Why is X so important when it comes to Y?
  2. How important is timing/timeframe?
  3. What’s the difference between X and Y?
  4. What is key and is often missed?
  5. What big mistakes do businesses/owners make when doing X?
  6. What do Business owners need to know about doing X?

[delete these and add your own]


250-300 words

As well as the regular business stuff, add some personal information; listeners like to know the person behind the role such as what you do when you’re not working e.g. sports, hobbies, passions, interesting facts, skills or claims to fame.

Podcast FAQ

1. How do you record the show? Can we just do it on a phone?

We use Zoom to create a digital recording of the conversation. It’s an online video conferencing room where we can record the call. We’ll send you the link in advance. You’ll need a headset and microphone attached to your computer, laptop or PC. Phone is trickier and the quality is not as good.

2. Do I need a webcam? Is video involved?

Although Zoom is a video platform and you can have a visual interview experience. Showing the video during the call gives a more engaging conversation. it gives us the choice to use just audio.

3. What if I’m not comfortable with the technology?

Best thing is to get one of your office ‘geeks’ or a tech savvy teenager to set you up. If you want, we can allow a little extra time at the beginning of the interview to ensure you’re comfortable with everything.

4. What questions will I be asked?

We ask you for 6-10 questions Darryl could ask you that play to your strengths and highlight your expertise, helping you to get in the flow.

5. How long will it last?

There’s a little chat at the beginning with Darryl. Then you’ll record 25 mins or so with a quick chat at the end. Then you’re pretty much done. It’s about 45 minutes max unless your answers to the questions are really long. Best to keep them short and punchy, so Darryl can ask you more questions.

6. Can I do the interview in my car/on the road/on a train?

Not a good idea. We wouldn’t want to be responsible for any accidents, even if you’re hands-free. Besides, you probably wouldn’t be 100% relaxed. Best is a quiet room with a good internet or Wi-Fi connection.

7. How long before my interview goes live?

Usually, within a few weeks. We’ll tell you as soon as it happens, and give you some suggestions to promote the show your end so we get a good audience.

8. How do you promote the show?

Every episode is turned into a podcast so it goes on iTunes and other podcast channels for the world to search for. Each one also becomes a post or article and put on LinkedIn, Twitter, the Succession Plus UK website and our Facebook group. We appreciate you to promote your end too!

9. Can I hear the interview before it goes live?

Yes, we’re happy to send you the final edit before it goes live if you want. Just let Darryl know at the end of your interview and he’ll make a note.

10. Will I have to reveal our company secrets or methods?

You can share as much as you like. The level of detail and examples is up to you.  However, questions tend to be more general in nature. For instance, if you say getting referrals from existing clients is really working for you, you don’t need to go into massive detail about how you do that.

11. Will I be expected to promote the show?

As we’re giving you a platform to share your stories and expertise, we’d certainly expect you to share the podcast link with people in your network. Beyond that, it depends on how much you want to push your personal brand. A few guests share it on LinkedIn and other social media channels, which helps build up the listener base. The more people listen to your words and insight, the better for everyone!

12. Who is the audience? Who are the listeners?

The honest answer is that we don’t know for sure. Stats on podcasts are notoriously hard to get given people listen on so many different platforms.

We aim the show at mid-market business owners who are thinking about their role in the business or may want to exit.

13. Any final tips?

Enjoy the experience! Keep your answers short so Darryl can ask you more questions or go deeper with key points. Darryl is an informal and relaxed interviewer who will try to bring out the best in you. If you can add any examples, stats or stories to back up your answers, all the better.

In short, just think of the show as some of the radio and TV interviews you hear every day. Darryl is very good at making people sound good. Plus the editing afterwards does an even better job of turning your stories, examples, insights and ideas into a great listen. We look forward to having you on the show!