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Join the Exit Planning Strategy Experts

Our vision is that “exit planning isn’t an afterthought” and we feel that there is a need to inform the market about how exit planning will help business owners during this transition. Would you like to help us achieve this vision?

Our 21 Steps is a proven methodology for helping owners to get the most from their life’s work. These steps, along with our other IP models, have been developed over more than ten years and with over a thousand of businesses.

We are looking for people to join our UK team of advisers to expand our reach and help more business owners exit on their terms.

Could this be the next step for you?

You will feel at home with us Succession Plus if:

  • You have experience in consulting, coaching, mentoring or advising owner led businesses,
  • You have tried self-employment, but you are missing the benefits of being part of a team,
  • You thrive on making an impact, challenging the status quo and having fun in your work life,
  • You’re self-motivated and want to contribute to a growing business community that’s making a difference,
  • You are missing the ongoing personal and professional development opportunities available when you were employed and now they’re just not making it to the top of your list,
  • You love finding creative solutions to what other people see as problems.

We operate a modern business model that combines the best attributes of employment and being self-employed.

If this sounds like you, then you could be a good fit for our growing team. If you want to find out more, please click below to join one of our information sessions, or contact us using the form on the right and we can talk about the opportunities.