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Selling Your Business? Making sure yours is one of the 20% that actually sells with Ken Gorman


Selling Your Business? Making sure yours is one of the 20% that actually sells with Ken Gorman

By , January 20, 2023

As a business owner, have you ever wondered what are the benefits of working with an M&A Advisor? Ken Gorman from Trans World M&A Advisors has the answer! With over 40 years of experience, Ken has seen it all. In this blog, Ken will share his insight on how to evaluate, structure, and assess a transaction to maximize value with the help of an M&A Advisor. He’ll also outline how to manage the emotional journey of selling a business, the right time to sell, and how to cultivate a successful business sale. Get ready to uncover the full benefits of working with an M&A Advisor!

Working with an M&A Advisor is an important step for any business owner looking to acquire or sell a business. An M&A Advisor provides valuable guidance and assistance throughout the entire process, from initial due diligence to the final closing. Having an experienced M&A Advisor by your side will ensure that all legal requirements are met, that any potential risks are identified and addressed and that the best possible terms and conditions are negotiated. An M&A Advisor can also provide invaluable advice on the strategic and financial aspects of the transaction, making sure that the deal is structured in the most advantageous way for the business owner. In addition to providing expertise and guidance, an M&A Advisor can also help to streamline the process. An experienced advisor can help to identify and connect with potential buyers or sellers, manage the due diligence process, and negotiate the terms and conditions of the transaction. By working with an M&A Advisor, a business owner can rest assured that the transaction will be conducted in an efficient and timely manner and that it will result in the best possible outcome.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Evaluate where they are in themselves and be honest with themselves.

2. Put systems and structures in place to maximize the value of the business.

3. Assess the quality of the revenue to ensure a successful sale.

For more on this topic and perspective, check out this episode on Succession Plus Youtube Channel and Exit Insights Spotify.


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Darryl Bates-Brownsword

Darryl Bates-Brownsword

CEO | Succession Plus UK

Darryl is a dynamic, driven Business Mentor and Coach with over 20 years of experience and passion for creating successful outcomes for founder-led businesses. He is a great connector, team builder, problem solver, and inspirer – showing the way through complexity to simplicity.

He has built 2 international multi-million turnover businesses; one now operating in 16 countries. His quick and analytical approach cuts through to the core issues quickly and identifying the context. He challenges the status quo and gets consistent, repeatable and reliable business results.

Originating in Australia, Darryl’s first career was as an Engineer in the Power Industry. Building businesses bought him to the UK in 2003 where he quickly developed a reputation for combining systems thinking with great creativity to get results in challenging situations.

A keen competitive cyclist, he also has a B Eng (Mech) Engineering and an MBA.