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How sellable is your business? Find out in under 4 minutes here.

What’s involved in a sale?

Each business is different – they have different value drivers and the owners have different motivations and goals. Our advisers recognise the subtleties and apply our years of experience in working with business valuations and sales to maximise the value of the business and achieve the best possible outcome for the owners. We know who the most likely buyers are, what attracts them and how to talk to them to negotiate the best sale price.


Why sell with Succession Plus?

Unlike a business broker, Succession Plus takes a holistic view of your business in order to understand where improvements can be made in the short and long-term to help maximise value and increase the likelihood of achieving your desired outcomes.

Using our 21-step process, we look at your business thoroughly, leading you by the hand through each stage. Knowing the next steps and having a trusted adviser to ask ensures you can make the big decisions with confidence.

More opportunities

Working with Succession Plus gives you access to our qualified investor & buyer network, both domestic and international.

Up to date

Our advisers attend regular training, ensuring they stay across changes in markets and your industry.

Due Diligence

Succession Plus uses an online deal management tool to eliminate risks and accelerate deals. All IP is protected through secure use of unique barcodes.

Our Sale Process

Business Insights Report

Succession Plus will investigate the current saleability of your business, documenting assets and liabilities. This report is a useful guide for any business, showing which areas need attention and an order of priority.

Strategic Advisory

Succession Plus will effectively implement a strategy to maximise business value and achieve a successful exit, ensuring you leave with no regrets. We can help you plan for business expansion, including acquiring competitors or businesses that offer significant growth opportunities.

Negotiation and Finalisation

We will manage enquiries and negotiate the price. It’s not about a fast sale (although we are capable of this on your request), it’s about getting the best price, while keeping the process simple for buyers and sellers.

Getting it right matters

You won’t sell the business twice. Whether you’re looking to adequately fund retirement or your next venture, we want to ensure the business continues to be successful. Putting the time into creating a strategic exit plan, with help from an expert adviser makes these outcomes possible.


Let’s Get Started

Book an obligation-free 30 minute appointment with a Succession Plus adviser to see how we can help you to sell your business. We have business advisers in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Brisbane. Get in touch today.

Frequently Asked Questions on Selling a Business

  • What is the process of selling a business?

    • Selling a business should be all about preparation: the more time, effort and money spent on preparing the business the better. Business buyers are “fussy” and normally undertake a large amount of due diligence to ensure they are buying a solid asset. This means preparation is critical.

  • How do you sell a small business?

    • The best way to sell a small business is to identify a strategic buyer, someone who has a solid reason to pay more for your business than anyone else. Research, identification and attraction of that buyer will always ensure the business sells at a higher price.

  • How do you value a business to sell?

    • When valuing a business for sale, it is important to understand the buyer’s approach and to value the business based on what buyers are looking for. The key factor is always about reducing risk – the risk that profits will be maintained, customers will be retained, and the business will continue after the sale.

  • Can you sell a business that is not profitable?

    • Many business buyers are looking for more than just profits. For example, Succession Plus have previously sold businesses based on the strength of their intellectual property, patents, trademarks, and also an existing customer database or a valuable supply contract.

  • How long does it take to sell a business?

    • To achieve the best possible price, preparation is critical and this unfortunately takes time. Rushing the sale will normally reduce the selling price and so a typical sales program of six months works quite well in maximizing the value of the business and achieving a successful exit.

  • How much does it cost to sell a business?

  • Can I sell my own business?

    • Yes, but you could do your root canal work as well if you wanted to (i.e DIY is not advised). Use of an experienced advisor to prepare the business, research the strategic buyer, and market the business for sale, will make a massive difference to the final selling price.

  • Should I use a business broker to sell my business?

    • In the case of a small business, café, hairdresser, newsagent, a business broker will work well. While for larger businesses, using a business broker approach will not maximise value as they are generally not focused on identifying the strategic buyer and maximising the value of the business.

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