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Moving On From Your Business

Exit and succession planning is about maintaining control over how and when you leave and on what terms. Succession and exit planning means you can;

Minimise your tax

Secure your future income

Provide a smooth transition for your team

You only get to leave your business once, so it pays to get it right. There are many ways to exit and it can be useful to have someone guide you as to which will deliver the best result. Options vary in terms of complexity and payoff and include;

Management buy-out

Employee share scheme

Selling to competitors, suppliers, customers or trade buyers

Benefits Of Our Service


Our proprietary 21-step process looks strategically at your business, as well as how you run it and the marketplace in which it operates. Considering these factors allows us to design the best strategy to maximise the business’ value and achieve a successful exit.


This detailed approach ensures all the factors which affect the value of your business are carefully considered, analysed and planned for. We also consider your personal and professional goals.


We will determine the best option for you and implement strategies that will work to maximise the value of your business and help you to achieve a successful exit, on your own terms.

Succession Planning Means You Don’t Waste Your Hard Work

An appropriate exit strategy or succession plan maps out and considers every aspect of your business in order to achieve your desired exit outcome.

Succession planning involves making decisions about who will lead your business into the future, and who will take ownership of it. By taking charge of this decision-making process, you will be able to attract a higher sell price for your business and minimise the tax you pay on the proceeds.

Our 21-step plan will advise you on how to use staged payments, Superannuation contributions and Capital Gains Tax concessions so you retain as much of the proceeds as possible.

The decisions you make during this process, through the help of our planning strategies, allow you to put what is best for your business moving forward first.


Let’s Get Started

Book an obligation-free 30 minute appointment with a Succession Plus adviser to see how a Succession and Exit Plan can benefit your business. 

If you are looking to build your business and exit, maximising value and ensuring thee business continues successfully, then this 21 step guide should be your bible- it is a simple and practical process to work through to ensure you are able to “begin with the end in mind” Follow the steps outlined by exit planning Guru Craig West and you are far more likely to exit successfully.

Mark Bouris AM
Entrepreneur Innovator Author and Academic