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Our succession planning services guide owners through five key stages in preparing business owners to transition or exit their business successfully.

1 Identify Value Get a business valuation and identify any unmanaged risk that is lowering that figure.
2 Protecting Value Tax and risk planning, will, insurance and governing documentation all complete.
3 Maximizing Value Adjusting and systemizing the business model, getting ready for sale or succession.
4 Unlocking Value Creating the most value at the time of transition.
5 Managing Value Ensuring assets are protected, and value is maximized through the exit process.
The Exit Like a Boss Podcast


There is one guarantee you have as a business owner: one day you’re going to leave the business. The question is, will it be on your terms?

This free 21-day audio guide has been developed to give you the foundations to get the best outcome and maximum value when you eventually exit.

Leaning on the experience of professionals who’ve been there before is invaluable. It provides us with options and directions. It shows us possibilities and mistakes to avoid.

Craig Addington
CEO/Principal, Thomas Associates, Inc.

I strongly urge people not to do their own succession plan. I’m well-versed in accounting and other aspects – but you’ll encounter things you’ll do wrong in the process. With a major life decision like a succession plan, it’s just not wise to do it on your own. You need to seek out people who do this all the time.

Mike Smith
Founder and President, Alexis Exhibits, Inc.