Addressing Emotions When Exiting Business with Jerome Myers (Ep.28)


Addressing Emotions When Exiting Business with Jerome Myers (Ep.28)

By , December 26, 2023




Are you ready to exit your business? Maybe you are financially, but what about emotionally?

Join Mark Dorman and his guest Jerome Myers, host of the Dreamcatchers Podcast, in discussing how he transitioned from engineering to real estate and coaching. Jerome dives into the challenges that founders often face after exiting their businesses, stressing the need for emotional preparation during this phase and how to navigate the complexities that arise.

Jerome explores:

  • Where founders face challenges and emotions during the post-exit phase
  • The “Eight Exits” of a founder
  • The importance of addressing the emotional and identity-related aspects of exiting a business
  • How can we normalize feelings of dissatisfaction and the desire for more fulfillment
  • Defining the “founder’s exit paradox” and
  • What resources are available to assist in navigating the exit transition
  • And more!


Connect with Mark Dorman:

LinkedIn: Mark Dorman 
Website: Succession Planning & Business Advisory Services | Succession Plus US
Email Mark:
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Call: (330) 350-5410

Connect with Jerome Myers:

About our Guest:

An award-winning engineer turned business strategist, Jerome uses his rich experience and innate understanding of human emotions to ensure that your journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship is a fulfilling one.

At the helm of a division of a multibillion-dollar Fortune 550 company, Jerome created a thriving $20M operation with 175 dedicated team members. Now, he employs that expertise to advise leaders across diverse industries, from real estate to healthcare, guiding them to double their revenue, harmony in their work-life integration, and ramp up their charitable contributions.

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