Building Retirement Income from Exit Planning (Ep. 2)


Building Retirement Income from Exit Planning (Ep. 2)

By , January 10, 2023




There are over 20 million business owners in America. Over 10 million of these business owners will retire in the next few years. The Graying of America or The Silver Tsunami will affect our businesses soon. What type of exit planning strategies should the business owners be preparing today?

In this episode, Mark Dorman shares some of the pitfalls business owners must avoid when creating an exit strategy and vital elements to turning their business into a future income stream during retirement.

Mark discusses:

  • The four stages of the Exit Phase
  • The elements of a “Good Exit”
  • Seven key factors determining the type of exit you’ll have
  • How to ensure your exit doesn’t destroy your business
  • And more


Connect with Mark Dorman:

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Website: Succession Planning & Business Advisory Services | Succession Plus US
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Call: (330) 350-5410

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