CEPA and Business Transition Triumphs with Steve Hopkins (Ep.31)


CEPA and Business Transition Triumphs with Steve Hopkins (Ep.31)

By , February 13, 2024




What do you need to make the most of your succession plan? What strategies and information could exit planners provide?

Join Mark Dorman and his guest Steve Hopkins, Owner of Charter BTA, in exploring the critical nature of devising contingency plans for business owners. Together they touch on the advantages of having a CEPA credential and the contributions of the Exit Planning Institute.

Mark and Steve discuss:

  • His background in business exit transition planning
  • What the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) designation is and why is Steve pursuing it
  • How Steve’s personal background and career path have been influenced by entrepreneurship
  • Why succession planning is important for both older and younger business owners
  • And more!


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Connect with Guest:

About our Guest:

Steve Hopkins understands risk. The riskiest period in the life of any closely-held business is when it transitions to a next generation; whether to family, insiders, or a third party sale, the value of a life’s work becomes vulnerable. Steve’s professional focus is guiding business owners through the perils of transitioning ownership and management; maintaining and enhancing business value in the process.

His career path started with Marsh USA in the world of large scale risk management and continued as a commercial Property & Casualty agent, managing and insuring risks for Oregon commercial enterprises. Understanding legal and tangible risks expanded to include personal and financial risks, which led to business succession and personal estate planning. In the late ’90s he leveraged his experience of 13 years with his Finance/Law degree and joined a Portland planning firm adding a general securities license to his complete complement of insurance licenses. Today he is an independent contractor affiliated with a short list of commercial Property & Casualty agencies who serve mostly closely-held businesses in the Pacific Northwest.

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