Crafting Success Through Navigating Governance Challenges with Mike Catan (Ep.33)


Crafting Success Through Navigating Governance Challenges with Mike Catan (Ep.33)

By , March 12, 2024




If you’re a business owner wrestling with the idea of passing the torch or expanding your family’s business footprint, take heart—you’re in good company.

In the latest edition of the Finish Big Podcast Mark Dorman talks with Mike Catan, the former CEO who propelled Pat Catan’s and Darice Incorporated from a humble family craft store to an impressive empire with 35 retail outlets and a comprehensive wholesale distribution network. Through Mike’s narrative, this episode explores the tactical execution of professional governance and the indispensable contributions of external advisors, equipping listeners with practical advice on future-proofing their business, promoting enduring success, and providing strategies for a successful exit.

Mike Catan discusses:

  • The early days and expansion of Pat Catan’s
  • Strategic decisions that led to the establishment of Darice Incorporated
  • Balancing family relationships while driving business expansion
  • The importance of professional management and strategic decision-making and having a strong governance structure in place
  • Having a well-defined exit strategy and preparedness for long-term planning
  • And more


Finish Big: How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies on Top by Bo Burlingham  

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About our Guest:

Mike Catan is the former CEO of Pat Catan’s and Darice Incorporated. Mike has been passionate about supporting not only his community but achievement centers for children for many years with a particular affinity for camp cheerful. Mike’s interests outside of business include his restaurant Square 22 in Strongsville, as well as multiple commercial and residential development projects under the umbrella of the Cameron Alley Group.

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