Exiting a Family Business with Mike Swiatkowski (Ep.30)


Exiting a Family Business with Mike Swiatkowski (Ep.30)

By , January 30, 2024




Are you working in a family business? Do your values align with the company values and trajectory?

Mark Dorman speaks with Mike Swiatkowski, VP of Corporate Development at Gordon River Partners, about his journey through his family business. From starting at the company, to promoting growth after his father passed, to leaving the family business behind, Mike shares his emotional journey through the business and the role his personal values played in making his decisions.

Mike discusses:

  • The beginnings of his family’s company
  • His first position within the company once he joined
  • Why he opted to work for a different company after graduating from college
  • The main struggles he faced when joining the company and developing it for the future
  • Why he eventually chose to leave the company
  • And more


Connect with Mark Dorman:

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Website: Succession Planning & Business Advisory Services | Succession Plus US
Email Mark: mdorman@succession.plus
LinkedIn: Succession Plus USA
Facebook: Succession Plus USA
Call: (330) 350-5410

Connect with Mike Swiatkowski:

About our Guest:

Mike Swiatkowski has over 20 years of food & beverage industry experience. Throughout his career, Mike has been successful in building strong internal leadership teams, streamlining operations and implementing best-in-class quality control systems. Early in his career, he assumed a leadership role at a national snack company, Hickory Harvest Foods, where his strategic initiatives resulted in consistently generating new business annually.

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