Leveraging ESOPS in Exit Planning with Kelly O. Finnell, CEO Of Executive Financial Services (Ep.15)


Leveraging ESOPS in Exit Planning with Kelly O. Finnell, CEO Of Executive Financial Services (Ep.15)

By , June 27, 2023




No financial advisor understands every strategy and tool to build a perfect business plan. With the niche area of ESOP, even fewer know to use it effectively. That’s why learning from someone who knows is the best option.

In this episode, Mark Dorman speaks with Kelly O. Finnell, J.D., CLU, AIF®, CEO and President of Executive Financial Services, on ESOPs, their role in business planning and how banks are incorporating ESOP financing in their services. Kelly shares his rich 40 years of knowledge on ESOPs and the strategies business owners can leverage in their ownership succession planning.

Kelly discusses:

  • Why he chose to change his area of expertise to such a niche area in financial planning
  • Who benefits from including ESOPs in their business plan
  • How ESOPs can be leveraged for tax deductions
  • Why seller transactions have increased in benefit due to banks leveraging ESOP consultants
  • And more


Connect with Kelly O. Finnell:

Connect with Mark Dorman:

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About our Guest:

Kelly O. Finnell, J.D., CLU, AIF® is one of the nation’s premier ESOP consultants, having spent more than 40 years helping business owners design and execute ESOPs. Kelly is one of the most sought-after speakers about ESOPs, with experience presenting at more than 300 conferences and meetings throughout the U.S. and abroad in London and Sydney.


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