Maximizing Sales Strategies with Melanie Frech (Ep.34)


Maximizing Sales Strategies with Melanie Frech (Ep.34)

By , March 26, 2024




Do you need help with developing sales functions in your business?

Well, don’t go anywhere because you’ve come to the right place!

This week, guest Melanie French, a fractional VP of Sales, joins Mark Dorman to discuss the importance of developing and improving sales functions in mid-size companies. Melanie shares her journey from a Sales Contributor to a VP of Sales, highlighting the challenges and growth strategies she implemented. The conversation delves into key topics such as the significance of sales strategy, process, CRM utilization, sales team management, and the impact of structured sales management on business value.

Melanie French discusses:

  • Her journey to becoming a fractional VP of Sales
  • The importance of studying metrics for both results and activities
  • Utilizing CRMs and structured sales processes
  • Emphasizing the need for a structured hiring process and a hiring manager who knows what to look for in prospective salespeople
  • Tracking KPIs and cultivating a culture of accountability
  • And more!


Connect with Mark Dorman:

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Connect with Melanie French:

About our Guest:

Melanie French founded French Sales Solutions in 2020, following a decade-long journey within a company that underwent remarkable growth, from $50M to $230M. She ascended within the company, securing multiple promotions until reaching the position of Vice President of Sales. In this role, she managed over 75 sales and service professionals across 5 teams, showcasing her expertise in business development, scaling sales processes, people management (including hiring, firing, and accountability), and refining operational sales and business practices.

Drawing from her extensive experience in Sandler sales training, both as an individual contributor and in leadership positions, Melanie now leverages her skills to enhance sales performance through consulting and fractional VP of Sales engagements.

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