Navigating the Emotional and Practical Aspects of Business Transitions with Joe Scheid (Ep.37)


Navigating the Emotional and Practical Aspects of Business Transitions with Joe Scheid (Ep.37)

By , May 14, 2024




Are you a business owner standing at the crossroads of change, wondering what to do next?

You’re not alone.

In this episode, Mark Dorman and founding member of the Legacy Advisors Network, Joe Scheid tackle the often-overlooked but critical issue that business owners face: the complex challenge of financial planning during pivotal transitions. Together they unravel the emotional and technical layers of financial decisions, drawing on Joe’s involvement with the Legacy Advisors Network and the Exit Planning Institute. By exploring the capabilities of the Capitalize software and discussing the emotional journey of business owners, you will gain valuable insights and actionable strategies for preparing for business transitions.

Joe Scheid discusses:

  • His journey to the private and family business owner marketplace
  • The Exit Planning Institute (EPI)
  • Challenges of financial planning during business transitions
  • How the Capitaliz software aids financial planning
  • And more


Connect with Mark Dorman:

LinkedIn: Mark Dorman 
Website: Succession Planning & Business Advisory Services | Succession Plus US
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LinkedIn: Succession Plus USA
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Call: (330) 350-5410

Connect with Joe Scheid:

About our Guest:

Joe Scheid, AIF®, CEPA®, CFBS®, CLTC® has transformed the lives of clients for nearly 28 years. With a unique and down-to-earth approach to financial planning, he empowers individuals and families to make sound decisions. Joe excels in guiding small and mid-sized business owners towards measurable and attainable financial objectives. Recognized for his capabilities as a financial advisor and small business resource, he prioritizes principles of character, integrity, excellence, and service.

Joe Scheid is a registered representative of and offers securities, investment advisory and financial planning services through MML Investors Services, LLC. Member SIPC ( 17550 N. Perimeter Dr. Suite 450, Scottsdale AZ 85255. (480) 538-2900. CRN201911-221364

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