Revolutinizing Financial Mondeling for Business Owners with Edmond Walters, CEO of Villanovatech & Founder of E-Money (Ep.19)


Revolutinizing Financial Mondeling for Business Owners with Edmond Walters, CEO of Villanovatech & Founder of E-Money (Ep.19)

By , August 22, 2023




It can be nerve-racking to leave a company you built, sell it off and start something new, but the experiences you gained from past careers can help you along your entrepreneurial journey.

In this episode, Mark Dorman speaks with Edmond Walters, Founder and CEO of VillanovaTech, LLC, about his journey as an entrepreneur. From building eMoney Advisors to the sale of that company and building another new venture, Edmond shares the different experiences he leveraged when starting a new business and the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.

Edmond discusses:

  • His transition from being a financial advisor to creating a web-based financial planning platform
  • His vision of a client-advisor relationship when it came to financial planning
  • How he used his financial advisor experience within the tech industry
  • The journey of starting eMoney Advisor and the value it provides to clients
  • The involvement of financial advisors in the product development process of e-money
  • His decision to exit eMoney Advisors, the reasons and the process behind it
  • The changing landscape of financial advising and the need for strong branding and modern tools
  • His upcoming trust tool to empower financial advisors to engage with entire families across generations and build trust
  • And more


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About our Guest:

Edmond Walters is the CEO and Founder of VillanovaTech, LLC (formerly Apprise, LLC), a next-generation financial planning experience for financial advisors to use alongside their clients. VillanovaTech’s software addresses estate planning, lifetime cash flow, and client retirement needs.

Edmond spent more than 17 years in the financial services industry advising high net worth clients throughout the United States. In 2000, Edmond founded eMoney Advisor and was Chief Executive Officer and President until 2016. Since then he has served on several private and public company boards.

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