The Journey to Finish Big with Bo Burlingham (Ep. 4)


The Journey to Finish Big with Bo Burlingham (Ep. 4)

By , January 24, 2023




The journey towards a successful exit plan is long, with many roads to navigate. Learning from several experiences of others can grant us a push in the right direction. 

In this episode, Mark Dorman interviews Bo Burlingham, contributing writer for Forbes and the renowned author of Finish Big: How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies On Top, on his journey from starting his career as a freelance journalist with limited financial knowledge to a profound author who has interviewed thousands of business owners on their exit strategies.  

Bo discusses:  

  • His career timeline and how he became a writer and journalist 
  • What the term Small Giant means for businesses 
  • The success story of Zingerman’s Deli and how the idea of Small Giants started 
  • The goal behind transforming his journalistic writings into books 
  • How the book Finish Big came to be and what it means for business owners 
  • And more 


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