The Process of Building Successful Exit Strategies (Ep. 3)


The Process of Building Successful Exit Strategies (Ep. 3)

By , January 10, 2023




Most entrepreneurs spend years of time and money building their businesses. What would happen to those businesses after they leave?

In this episode, Mark Dorman dives into the process at Legacy Business Advisors. He explains how he started this business inspired by Bo Burlingham’s book, Finish Big: How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies. Additionally, Mark shares Bo’s comments on how the process at Legacy Business Advisors is the “best in class.”

Mark discusses:

  • The history of Legacy Business Advisors and the team that makes the exit planning process smooth for clients
  • The five steps in building a successful exit plan with Legacy Business Advisors
  • Why it is critical to evaluate or analyze the present state of your business
  • The ideal time to start exit planning
  • The reason why they maintain communication with their clients after creating an exit plan
  • And more


Connect with Mark Dorman:

LinkedIn: Mark Dorman 
Website: Succession Planning & Business Advisory Services | Succession Plus US
Email Mark:
LinkedIn: Succession Plus USA
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Call: (330) 350-5410

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