Treating Your Business as an Asset with Chuck Richards, CEO of ValuCompass (Ep.11)


Treating Your Business as an Asset with Chuck Richards, CEO of ValuCompass (Ep.11)

By , May 2, 2023




80% of businesses fail to transfer successfully due to a lack of planning. How can a small shift in perspective increase your chances of success?

In this episode, Mark Dorman speaks with Chuck Richards, CEO of ValuCompass. He unpacks how their research tool analyzes your business, helps you treat it as an asset and connects your personal objectives and your business plan to achieve greater success in transferring your business.

Chuck explores:

  • The two main reasons why businesses fail
  • Examples of businesses that might not be transferable
  • How thinking of the business as an asset increases its success rate
  • Why your personal goals should be the driving force behind what you do with your business
  • How ValuCompass helps private businesses communicate what makes them valuable and worthy of investment
  • The four key tools to turning a business into an effective asset
  • Case Studies of before and after successes
  • And more


Connect with Chuck Richards:

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About our Guest:

Chuck Richards’ mission is to help business owners and CEOs build profitable and transferable businesses that in turn create wealth for the owners and their families, build vibrant communities, and help economies thrive. Chuck carries on his mission in Vermont and abroad – his vision and CoreValue Research have touched the lives of business owners across the globe from Canada to Europe to Australia and Africa.

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