Visualizing Your Financial Possibilities with Adam Holt, CEO of Asset-Map (Ep.12)


Visualizing Your Financial Possibilities with Adam Holt, CEO of Asset-Map (Ep.12)

By , May 16, 2023




Business owners can be seen as knowing everything about finance because their businesses succeed. But that isn’t often the case.

In this episode, Mark Dorman speaks with H. Adam Holt, founder and CEO of Asset-Map about simplifying financial explanations and discussions with business owners. Adam shares how helping business owners understand complex financial planning will increase the number of clients taking their first step toward their financial future.

Adam discusses:

  • Why he started Asset-Map
  • How visual and auditory learners can benefit from alternative financial explanations
  • What the next generation of Asset-Map users will need
  • Examples of Asset-Map utilization for business owners
  • How Asset-Map changes the way you relate with money
  • And more


Connect with Adam Holt:

Connect with Mark Dorman:

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About our Guest:

Adam Holt has always considered himself both a student and a teacher – driven to explore, understand and communicate the complexities in the finance, business, legal and tax environments. He takes great pleasure in breaking down the complex into manageable distinctions for his clients and colleagues. The evolution of Financial Planning as a profession has required not only a specific understanding of the nuances of markets (including commoditized products such as investments and insurance), but also the point in our life journey, environment and business will drive future opportunities and challenges. As such an advisor, Adam has aligned himself with other forward-looking professionals and continually seek those that value a consultative approach premised on communicating thoughtful and intelligent analysis.

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