What’s the Value of Your Business? with Michael Carter, Founder and CEO of Bizequity (Ep.16)


What’s the Value of Your Business? with Michael Carter, Founder and CEO of Bizequity (Ep.16)

By , July 11, 2023




No matter how successful a business owner is, almost all stumble on the question of the value of their business. How do you determine that number? And how can you increase that number?

In this episode, Mark Dorman speaks with Michael Carter, CEO of BizEquity, on his experience and growth as an entrepreneur and business owner. Michael shares the lessons he has learned in building a financially successful business with growth opportunities for the future.

Michael discusses:

  • His journey to becoming one of the top 100 financial technology leaders globally
  • How businesses can focus on creating value in the market as a business
  • The different types of evaluation strategies to determine a businesses value
  • His advice for budding entrepreneurs looking to create and grow their businesses
  • And more


Connect with Michael Carter:

Connect with Mark Dorman:

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About our Guest:

After years working for legendary tech investor Pete Musser, Mike founded and is CEO of BizEquity. Mike has over 15 years in enterprise software and technology services and has founded three software companies. Mike was the CMO of a publicly traded billion-dollar Internet company and has been called one of the top 100 people globally in fintech.

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