Five Things Every Business Owner Must Know About Exit Planning


Five Things Every Business Owner Must Know About Exit Planning

By , May 14, 2024
Five Things Every Business Owner Must Know

Unlock Business Value: The 5 Stages of Exit Planning

Owning a business involves risks, but with strategic planning, you can maximize value and minimize those risks. In this whitepaper, we explore the 5 Stages of Value Maturity, as detailed in Christopher Snider’s book, “Walking to Destiny.” Whether you’re planning to sell your business or transition it to the next generation, understanding these stages is crucial.

The 5 Stages of Value Maturity

1. Identify

Roughly 80-90% of your net worth may be tied up in your business. To unlock hidden value, consider professional business valuation. Knowing your business’s true worth will impact your lifestyle and future plans.

2. Protect

Once you’ve identified your baseline value, protect it. Risks fall into three categories: personal, financial, and business. Prepare for the 5D’s: Death, Disability, Divorce, Distress, and Disagreement. Safeguarding your value is the first step toward building it.

3. Build

With protection in place, focus on building value. Two key strategies:

  • Increase cash flow (EBITDA).
  • Improve your multiple (assigned by the private capital market). Enhance intangible assets like Human, Structural, Customer, and Social capital.

4. Harvest

When it’s time to exit, explore various paths:

  • Work with investment bankers and advisors.
  • Consider transitioning to family members or selling real estate while keeping the company.
  • Continue building value even during the exit process.

5. Manage

Exit planning isn’t just about business value; it’s also about managing personal and financial aspects. Navigate this critical phase carefully.

Value Maturity Index

Discover where you stand in each segment of value maturity. Download the full whitepaper to gain insights and actionable steps for successful exit planning.

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