From technology to car bodywork and organisations that serve the UK Government to private services businesses…we deal with a lot of companies. Here are some testimonials from a few of our UK clients.

Jamie Murray, Lawbox Design

As Managing Director and co-owner of Lawbox Jamie Murray is extremely passionate about building a legal design agency that supports start-ups, scale-ups and finance businesses to create innovative solutions to their regulatory and compliance challenges. Jamie holds the ultimate responsibility for delivering Lawbox’s strategic objectives and growing our exciting business. He has been dealing with Succession Plus since 2020. In this video, Jamie talks about his experience of working with Succession Plus.

“I think the biggest benefit for us in working with Succession Plus has been in really understanding our own business and where we want to go. We’ve done a huge amount of work with them in terms of identifying what our purpose is and our vision. Then we’ve done loads of work around how we strategise that.

“It’s all very well sort of having an end goal to move towards but how do we actually get there? Succession Plus have been fantastic and teasing out the right information from us making helping us to realise what we need to do in order to be able to progress and grow the business.

“I think the process that Darryl’s talked us through from day one has been great. And actually, he’s got a tool that he uses which I’ve renamed the Flux Capacitor because it looks a little bit like that thing from Back To The Future. It really helps us to focus on the core parts of the business: our vision, our strategy and then our operations. Compartmentalising those things has really helped us to focus.”

Lloyd Golley, AsystsU

Nigel Clarke, Morgan IAT

Sarah Helweg-Larsen, ProfitAbility Business Simulations

Tom Jenkins, Dynamics Consultants

Vince Scudder, MG Cannon

If you are looking to build your business and exit, maximising value and ensuring thee business continues successfully, then this 21 step guide should be your bible- it is a simple and practical process to work through to ensure you are able to “begin with the end in mind”

Follow the steps outlined by exit planning Guru Craig West and you are far more likely to exit successfully.

Mark Bouris AM

Entrepreneur Innovator Author and Academic

If you want to build a business you can sell for maximum value, Craig West is the best in the field. Whether it's through his books, courses or advisory programs, if you can get in front of him, do it.

Jack Delosa

Executive Director of The Entourage and MBE Education

Umwelt is an environmental and social consultancy, with over 120 people providing services across the nation. We have worked with Succession Plus for over 10 years, during which time Craig West provided business and succession planning advice, and, Craig and the Succession Plus team guided us through the process of establishing our Employee Share Plan. Our Employee Share Plan is now well established, with 55 (44%) of our team now being ESP participants, expected to grow to 55% of our team participating by the end of 2020. The Succession Plus advice and support during this process has been outstanding, providing timely guidance and insight to our Board and Executive Team, in addition to providing training for our whole team, and maintenance of the ESP process. We are so very pleased to have a growing number of our team thinking and acting like business owners!

Barbara Crossley


We have been working with Succession+ for the past 3 years from a business strategy and mentoring platform, whilst their team have also been establishing our Peak performance trust – team member plan.
Their service and dedication to detail in guiding us through new territory has been first class and provided a positive plan for the businesses success.

Scott Palmer


We have worked with Craig over the past 4 years to create a succession planning strategy for Hillam Architects and have been impressed with his understanding and knowledge in this area. He has been professional in all his dealings and always made himself available to respond to our questions. We would happily recommend Craig to other practices considering succession planning.

Mark Young

Hillam Architects

Craig presented an informative, practical session on Succession and Exit Planning at the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia’s Public Practitioners Conference. These sessions were extremely well received, leaving plenty for our members to think about in their own practices and also how they can provide succession planning advice to their clients. Furthermore, Craig’s six-part webinar series left members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia thrilled with not only Craig’s knowledge and enthusiasm but his willingness to assist them after each session. Based on the feedback collected from attendees, we noted the overall satisfaction rating was 96% - at the very top end of our scale.

Emma McWhannell

Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia

Craig West recently spoke at the Real Estate Leadership Conference on Hamilton Island. He addressed over 150 of Australia’s leading real estate principals and really impressed the entire audience. Craig has the unique gift of being highly engaging and delivering an enormous amount of solid take home value. I know many of the delegates walked away rethinking their entire financial structure and succession plans for their businesses. Finding great speakers that entertain and offer lots of business changing content are hard to find and we will definitely have Craig back again. He was a pleasure to work with and took a lot of time prior to the event to understand the audience and what they wanted to hear. His presentation absolutely hit the mark in every way. He would be a hit at any conference and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Leanne Howard

Head of Growth and Client Engagement, Real Estate Results

As both a franchisor (who regularly refers franchisees) and a private client of Succession Plus, I can genuinely recommend their services. We recently involved Succession Plus in a process to help us with restructuring our ownership and management succession. The result has taken a lot of pressure on the business through de-risking and growth strategies. Should you wish to talk to me directly regarding this statement, feel free to contact me at +61403571571 or

Michael Davoren

Managing Director, RE/MAX Australia

Succession Plus came into our business over two years ago. At that stage we had no exit plan in place for two directors who were nearly ready to retire. Succession Plus has been like a backbone for NPG, they have given us valuable guidance and support over this period and make us feel like we can approach retirement comfortably.

Faye Harris

Director NPG Mining

Craig out of all the professional people we have spoken with, you were the only honest up front and practical person who gave me practical and useful advice.

Steve Grlyak

Manufacturing Manager C-Mac Industries

Very informative. A new way of looking at employee retention and productivity

Maximise the Value of your Business

ANU Canberra

Succession Plus have helped our clients with clever and innovative strategies which include how to; attract, lock in and retain key employees, develop an exit plan for the existing owners, develop strategies to increase the profitability of their business and the resulting sale price achieved.

Mark Pinhorn

Director at Hyd Advisory

Enjoyed the casualness of presentations

Greg Boston

Chartered Accountant Camphin Boston

Have seen & recommend Succession Plus’s Employee engagement seminar.

Michael Pascoe

Financial Journalist - Sydney Morning Herald