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Succession Plus are experienced in presenting to groups of all sizes. Over the past 9 years, our educational seminars have been presented to more than 10,000 people in metropolitan and rural areas across Australia, New Zealand and the US. These programs have been presented to the general public, as well as for a variety of corporate, government, business associations and networking organisations. We have presented to Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources sectors, MLC, NSW Department of State & Regional Development, NSW Chamber of Commerce, LJ Hooker, H & R Block, Kwik Kopy and ReMax.

In addition, we have designed and delivered customised education programs including keynote presentations, half day workshops and a 6-part webinar series for professional associations of business advisers for CPA Australia, Sentry Financial, Now Infinity and The Institute of Chartered Accountants.


Craig West, Keynote and Public Speaker

Craig has conducted numerous seminars and keynote presentations throughout Australia and internationally and is a sought-after presenter.

craig west in board meetingI’ve been a strategic accountant and adviser to small businesses for more than twenty years, and throughout that time, I have identified a number of key steps that business owners can take to dramatically improve the financial performance of their businesses.

One of these is ‘Business Succession and Exit Planning‘. It is one of the most important yet most misunderstood financial strategies for any business owner. It relates directly to your ability as a business owner to extract the maximum amount of value from your business when it comes time for you to exit. Many business owners will invest decades in building a successful business, the next step is to ensure that your investment pays off and provides you with the financial rewards that you set out in business to achieve.

I believe there are 21 key steps involved in effective succession planning which identify and cover off the vital points in this complex process. However, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Your business succession and exit plan must be developed specifically for the needs of your business and financial objectives.

Our business is entirely focused on designing and implementing successful exit strategies which achieve the owner’s goals, release them from the business they have been so heavily invested in (in blood, sweat and tears) and provide the financial reward they deserve, in what for many as their greatest asset, but often the most difficult to unlock.

Our international partnership is a team of highly skilled experts who bring a wealth of experience and passion to helping you maximise the value of your business and achieve a successful exit.

I look forward to working with you and sharing my knowledge on business succession and exit planning.

Best wishes,

CEO & Founder


Seminars and Keynote Presentations

craig west in front of seminar group

For Business Advisers

These presentations provide insight into the rapidly growing Business Succession and Exit Planning industry, a topic of vital importance to accountants, financial planners, bankers, business coaches and lawyers as large numbers of baby-boomer business owners approach retirement. These workshops provide latest research as well as current strategies to help clients design a Business Succession and Exit Plan, maximise the value of their business and achieve a successful exit.

For Business Owners

Succession Plus holds regular presentations open to the general public. These seminars currently cover two main topics; Maximise the Value of Your Business and Employee Engagement and are focused on business owners whose business’ revenue is $2M – $50M. They are typically starting to contemplate their exit strategy and are seeking more information in this area. Both seminars are free and have proved very popular with business owners, who are looking for solutions and advice as to how to approach this topic.

Maximise the Value of Your Business

The Maximise Value seminar explores the how, when and why of Succession Planning. The key internal and external factors that are critical to maximising the value of any business are highlighted and explained within the context of value enhancement. Participants are shown how to transfer ownership on their terms, in their own timeframe.

Watch our webinar to find out more.

Employee Engagement

The Employee Engagement Seminar highlights the importance of having engaged and motivated employees, and introduces the idea of getting employees to think and act like business owners. The presentation shows attendees how to attract and retain high calibre staff through the use of Employee Ownership Share Plans.

Watch our webinar to find out more.


Contact us to arrange a presentation for your event.

Craig West recently spoke at the Real Estate Leadership Conference on Hamilton Island. He addressed over 150 of Australia’s leading real estate principals and really impressed the entire audience. Craig has the unique gift of being highly engaging and delivering an enormous amount of solid take home value. I know many of the delegates walked away rethinking their entire financial structure and succession plans for their businesses. Finding great speakers that entertain and offer lots of business changing content are hard to find and we will definitely have Craig back again. He was a pleasure to work with and took a lot of time prior to the event to understand the audience and what they wanted to hear. His presentation absolutely hit the mark in every way. He would be a hit at any conference and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Leanne Howard
Head of Growth and Engagement, Real Estate Results